Anaphora subscription is the process by which one (the narrator) may unambiguously refer a sumti or bridi/selbri by using a cmavo instead (such as a pro-sumti or pro-bridi, respetively), but in some manner other than the default of the pro-sumti/pro-bridi. This method employs Lojban numerals and the entire cmavo-subscript-numeral reference is usually written as one word.


xi               (cmavo) with sub(script)/further previous reference (numeral)
             Where any of the above word(s) is/are enclosed in parenthesis ()
              and is/are underlined, replace the said word with that intended

Additional Notes and/or Examples

  • [lo smuci .i lo forca .i la rik. pilno rixire .i la .alis. pilno riximu]
= A spoon. A fork. Rick uses (ri-sub-two = repeat penultimate = a fork). Alice uses (ri-sub-five = repeat fifth-from-last/second from antepenultimate = a spoon).
  • [go'ixire] is the same as [go'e].
  • [faxixa] refers to the 6th sumti position of a brivla.