Living With Depression/Introduction

It is thought that clinical depression will affect up to 1 in 4 of us at some point in our lives. Depression is more than just sadness or feeling "a bit down in the dumps." It can be a long-term condition with no obvious cause accompanied by debilitating symptoms including; extremely low mood, low self-esteem, being unable to take pleasure in things, poor concentration, insomnia, anxiety, low energy, low stamina, and feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness.

For many people, depression is a long-term condition. There are various treatments but a cure is often hard to find. Facing a future with depression can sometimes seem bleak or hopeless. This book is not intended to be a definitive answer of how to "get better" from depression, but for those that have been depressed for a long time, to help you live with depression. Each of the ideas in this Wikibook may or may not work for you, by they won't hurt you either. Chances are there will be no one "answer"; each suggestion might help just a little bit. By attacking your depression from every possible angle, and trying as many things you can think of, you just might find life worth living again.