Linux Networking/Where to get some non-linux specific network information

If you are after some basic tutorial information on tcp/ip networking generally, then I recommend you take a look at the following documents:

tcp/ip introduction

this document comes as both a text version and a postscript version.

tcp/ip administration

this document comes as both a text version and a postscript version.

If you are after some more detailed information on tcp/ip networking then I highly recommend:

Internetworking with TCP/IP, Volume 1: principles, protocols and architecture, by Douglas E. Comer, ISBN 0-13-227836-7, Prentice Hall publications, Third Edition, 1995.

If you are wanting to learn about how to write network applications in a Unix compatible environment then I also highly recommend:

Unix Network Programming, by W. Richard Stevens, ISBN 0-13-949876-1, Prentice Hall publications, 1990.

A second edition of this book is appearing on the bookshelves; the new book is made up of three volumes: check Prenice-Hall's web site to probe further.

You might also try the comp.protocols.tcp-ip newsgroup.

An important source of specific technical information relating to the Internet and the tcp/ip suite of protocols are RFC's. RFC is an acronym for `Request For Comment' and is the standard means of submitting and documenting Internet protocol standards. There are many RFC repositories. Many of these sites are ftp sites and other provide World Wide Web access with an associated search engine that allows you to search the RFC database for particular keywords.

One possible source for RFC's is at Nexor RFC database.