Linux Networking/PPP

PPP devices names are `ppp0', `ppp1, etc. Devices are numbered sequentially with the first device configured receiving `0'.

Kernel Compile Options:

            Networking options  --->
                <*> PPP (point-to-point) support

PPP configuration is covered in detail in the PPP-HOWTO.

Maintaining a permanent connection to the net with pppd .


If you are fortunate enough to have a semi permanent connection to the net and would like to have your machine automatically redial your PPP connection if it is lost then here is a simple trick to do so. Configure PPP such that it can be started by the root user by issuing the command:

    # pppd

Be sure that you have the `-detach' option configured in your /etc/ppp/options file. Then, insert the following line into your /etc/inittab file, down with the getty definitions:


This will cause the init program to spawn and monitor the pppd program and automatically restart it if it dies.