Linux Networking/PLIP for Linux-2.2

PLIP for Linux-2.2


During development of the 2.1 kernel versions, support for the parallel port was changed to a better setup.

Kernel Compile Options:

            General setup  --->
                [*] Parallel port support
            Network device support  --->
                <*> PLIP (parallel port) support

The new code for PLIP behaves like the old one (use the same ifconfig and route commands as in the previous section, but initialization of the device is different due to the advanced parallel port support.

The ``first PLIP device is always called ``plip0, where first is the first device detected by the system, similarly to what happens for Ethernet devices. The actual parallel port being used is one of the available ports, as shown in /proc/parport. For example, if you have only one parallel port, you'll only have a directory called /proc/parport/0.

If your kernel didn't detect the IRQ number used by your port, ``insmod plip will fail; in this case just write the right number to /proc/parport/0/irq and reinvoke insmod.

Complete information about parallel port management is available in the file Documentation/parport.txt, part of your kernel sources.