Linux Networking/ARCNet

ARCNet edit

ARCNet device names are `arc0e', `arc1e', `arc2e' etc. or `arc0s', `arc1s', `arc2s' etc. The first card detected by the kernel is assigned `arc0e' or `arc0s' and the rest are assigned sequentially in the order they are detected. The letter at the end signifies whether you've selected ethernet encapsulation packet format or RFC1051 packet format.

Kernel Compile Options:

            Network device support  --->
                [*] Network device support
                <*> ARCnet support
                [ ]   Enable arc0e (ARCnet "Ether-Encap" packet format)
                [ ]   Enable arc0s (ARCnet RFC1051 packet format)

Once you have your kernel properly built to support your ethernet card then configuration of the card is easy.

Typically you would use something like:

       root# ifconfig arc0e netmask up
       root# route add -net netmask arc0e

Please refer to the /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/arcnet.txt and /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/arcnet-hardware.txt files for further information.

ARCNet support was developed by Avery Pennarun,