Lineage 2

Welcome to the Lineage 2 Wikibook. The intent of this Wikibook is to provide a player and game guide to the world of Lineage 2.

This piece of work is created to capture the contributors' experience and, to an extent, opinion of the game. This is done in the hopes of sharing the knowledge gained in an objective manner.

This Wikibook will attempt to give a broad overview of the game, going into specifics with regards to some gameplay strategies etc. This is an ever-evolving Wikibook and is not intended to be the be-all end-all guide -- any gamer familiar with MMORPGs will realise the futility of writing that kind of guide.

What this Wikibook should NOT be is a database of Weapons, Armours, Mobs, and Drop statistics; there are plenty of fan sites out there that run databases with that information, and it's just impossible to keep up with in a Wiki way. It is advisable to check out the sites listed in the links section, or linked from the Official Lineage 2 Site. Things like quests and guides do not change, and so are perfect for this site.

This Wikibook will also not take information from the NCSoft's Lineage 2 site; That is copyright violation. It is encouraged for the readers here to refer to that information directly instead. Where necessary, the content here will make references, but the intention is for this Wikibook to bring new content/ viewpoints/ guidance to the Internet.


  1. Introduction to the world of Lineage 2
  2. History of Aden
  3. The Player Character (PC) Classes & Character Guides
  4. Non-Player Character (NPC) Information
  5. Monsters, Mobs, and Creatures
  6. Equipment
  7. Things to do in Game
  8. Notable Locations
  9. Gameplay Guides : Contributor's Note: Obsoleted, contents shifted under the Things to do in Game/Combat section, page kept for future use.
  10. Definitions
  11. Current Status of the Game

Appeal for contributionsEdit

It is not practical for a single author to encapsulate all the knowledge possible within Lineage 2. This is because:

  • There is too much content for any single player to go through on their own.
  • NCSoft does not reveal some aspects of the game to the gamers, making the gamers fall back to observation and analysis -- and these are often coloured by personal bias.
  • MMORPGs are by nature evolving beasts; the content of what we have now needs to be constantly updated.

I hereby appeal to the fans of the game to contribute your knowledge, but please try to word any entries in an objective manner -- we ARE trying to do good here, despite the often-quoted shortcomings of the game.

Current ContributorsEdit

Contributors, please leave your ID here. I would like to acknowledge your contribution. :)

External linksEdit

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