Lineage II
A guide to the MMORPG

Table of Contents edit

  1. About
  2. Introduction to the world of Lineage 2
  3. History of Aden
  4. The Player Character (PC) Classes & Character Guides
  5. Non-Player Character (NPC) Information
  6. Monsters, Mobs, and Creatures
  7. Equipment
  8. Things to do in Game
  9. Notable Locations
  10. Gameplay Guides : Contributor's Note: Obsoleted, contents shifted under the Things to do in Game/Combat section, page kept for future use.
  11. Definitions
  12. Current Status of the Game

Appeal for contributions edit

It is not practical for a single author to encapsulate all the knowledge possible within Lineage 2. This is because:

  • There is too much content for any single player to go through on their own.
  • NCSoft does not reveal some aspects of the game to the gamers, making the gamers fall back to observation and analysis -- and these are often coloured by personal bias.
  • MMORPGs are by nature evolving beasts; the content of what we have now needs to be constantly updated.

I hereby appeal to the fans of the game to contribute your knowledge, but please try to word any entries in an objective manner -- we ARE trying to do good here, despite the often-quoted shortcomings of the game.

Current Contributors edit

Contributors, please leave your ID here. I would like to acknowledge your contribution. :)

External links edit

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