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Lewis Carroll: References

There is a vast literature about Lewis Carroll. This is an attempt to list the most useful books, rigorously excluding the sensational, worthless and totally daft.


  • Abeles, Francine F. (1994): The Mathematical Pamphlets of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
  • Abeles, Francine F. (2001): The Political Pamphlets and Letters of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
  • Abeles, Francine F. (2010): The Logic Pamphlets of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
  • Amor, Anne Clark (1990): Letters to Skeffington Dodgson from his Father
  • Amor, Anne Clark (1995): Lewis Carroll, Child of the North
  • Bakewell, Michael (1996): Lewis Carroll: a biography
  • Bartley, William Warren (1977): Lewis Carroll's Symbolic Logic (2nd ed 1986)
  • Bill, E. G. W. & Mason, J. F. A. (1970): Christ Church and Reform 1850-1869
  • Bowman, Isa (1899): The Story of Lewis Carroll
    • Reprinted 1972 as "Lewis Carroll as I Knew Him"
  • Clark, Anne (1979) Lewis Carroll: A Biography
  • Cohen, Morton N. (1978): Lewis Carroll, Photographer of Children
  • Cohen, Morton N. (1979): The Russian Journal - II: A Record kept by Henry Parry Liddon of a Tour Taken with C. L. Dodgson
  • Cohen, Morton N. (1980): Lewis Carroll and the Kitchins
  • Cohen, Morton N. (1989): Lewis Carroll: Interviews & Recollections
  • Cohen, Morton N. (1995): Lewis Carroll: a biography
  • Cohen, Morton N. and Gandolfo, Anita (1987): Lewis Carroll and the House of Macmillan
  • Cohen, Morton N. and Green, Roger Lancelyn (1979): The Letters of Lewis Carroll (2 vols)
  • Cohen, Morton N. and Wakeling, Edward (2003): Lewis Carroll & His Illustrators
  • Collingwood, Stuart Dodgson (1898a): The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll
  • Collingwood, Stuart Dodgson (1899): The Lewis Carroll Picture Book
  • Furniss, Harry (1901): Confessions of a Caricaturist
  • Furniss, Harry (1924): Some Victorian Men
  • Gernsheim, Helmut (1949): Lewis Carroll: Photographer
  • Gernsheim, Helmut (1980): Lewis Carroll, Victorian Photographer
  • Green, Roger Lancelyn (1946): Tellers of Tales, Chapter III (Lewis Carroll), pp31-50
  • Green, Roger Lancelyn (1953): The Diaries of Lewis Carroll
    • This edition is abridged and censored
  • Hatch, Evelyn (1933): A Selection from the Letters of Lewis Carroll to His Child-Friends
  • Hudson, Derek (1977): Lewis Carroll (2nd ed.)
  • Lennon, Florence Becker (1972): The Life of Lewis Carroll
  • Lewis Carroll Society (1973): Mr Dodgson, Nine Lewis Carroll Studies
  • Lovett, Charles (1999) Lewis Carroll and the Press
  • McDermott, John Francis (1935): The Russian Journal and Other Selections from the Works of Lewis Carroll
  • O'Connor, Michael (2012): All in the Golden Afternoon: The Origins of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Pudney, John (1976): Lewis Carroll and His World
  • Reed, Langford (1932): The Life of Lewis Carroll
  • Shaberman, Raphael B. (1978): A Plum-Cake Lost and Found
  • Shaberman, Raphael B. (1982): Lewis Carroll and Mrs. Liddell
  • Shaberman, Raphael B. and Crutch, Denis (1972): Under the Quizzing Glass, A Lewis Carroll Miscellany
  • Stern, Jeffrey (1997): Lewis Carroll, Bibliophile
  • Taylor, Roger and Wakeling, Edward (2002): Lewis Carroll Photographer
  • Wakeling, Edward (1978): The Logic of Lewis Carroll
  • Wakeling, Edward (1992): Skeffington Hume Dodgson, Brother of Lewis Carroll
  • Wakeling, Edward (1993): The Oxford Pamphlets, Leaflets, and Circulars of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
  • Wakeling, Edward (1993-2007): Lewis Carroll's Diaries (10 vols)
  • Weaver, Warren (1964) Alice in many tongues: The translations of Alice in Wonderland
  • Williams, Sidney; Madan, Falconer; Green, Roger Lancelyn and Crutch, Denis (1979): The Lewis Carroll Handbook
  • Woolf, Jenny (2005, 2nd ed 2010) Lewis Carroll in his Own Account: The Complete Bank Account of The Rev. C. L. Dodgson
  • Woolf, Jenny (2010): "The Mystery of Lewis Carroll"


  • Arnold, Ethel (1929): "Reminiscences of Lewis Carroll" (Atlantic monthly, June 1929)
  • Atkinson, Gertrude (1948): "Memories of Lewis Carroll" (Hampshire Chronicle, 13 Mar 1948)
  • Cohen, Morton N. (2004): "Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge [Lewis Carroll] (1832–1898)", Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
  • Collingwood, Stuart Dodgson (1898b): "The Boyhood of Lewis Carroll" (Strand Magazine, December 1898)
  • Collingwood, Stuart Dodgson (1898b): "Lewis Carroll: An Interview with his Biographer" (Westminster Budget, 9 December 1898)
  • Cowley-Brown, G. J. (1898): "Personal Recollections of the Author of Alice in Wonderland" (Scottish Guardian, 28 Jan 1898)
  • Dodgson, Violet (1951): "Lewis Carroll - as I Knew Him" (London Calling, 28 June 1951)
  • Ffooks, Maud (1928): "Alice in Dorsetland" (The Dorset Yearbook, 1928)
  • Furniss, Harry (1908): "Recollections of Lewis Carroll" (Strand Magazine, Jan 1908)
  • Hargreaves, Alice Liddell (1932): "Alice's Recollections of Carrollian Days" (Cornhill Magazine, July 1932)
  • Hatch, Beatrice (1898a): "In Memorian Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)" (The Guardian, 19 Jan 1898)
  • Hatch, Beatrice (1898b): "Lewis Carroll" (Strand Magazine, April 1898)
  • Holiday, Henry (1898): "The Snark's Significance" (Academy, 29 Jan 1898)
  • Lucas, E. V. (1901): "Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge", Dictionary of National Biography
  • Maitland, Edith Alice (1899): "Childish Memories of Lewis Carroll" (Quiver, 1899)
  • Rivers, Katherine (1976): "Memories of Lewis Carroll" (McMaster University Library Research News, Vol. 3, No. 4, January 1976)
    • The reliability of this article has been queried, as it contains some clear errors of fact
  • Rowell, Ethel (1943): "To me he was Mr Dodgson" (Harper's Magazine, Feb 1943)
  • Shute, E. L. (1932): "Lewis Carroll as Artist" (Cornhill Magazine, Nov 1932)
  • Strong, Thomas Banks (1898): "Lewis Carroll" (Cornhill Magazine, March 1898)
  • Strong, Thomas Banks (1932): "Mr. Dodgson: Lewis Carroll at Oxford" (The Times, 27 Jan 1932)
  • Thompson, H. L. (1898): "The Late Rev. C. L. Dodgson" (Oxford Magazine, 26 Jan 1898)
  • Thomson, E. Gertrude (1898): "Lewis Carroll: A Sketch by an Artist-Friend" (Gentlewoman, 29 Jan & 5 Feb 1898)
  • Tollemache, Lionel (1898): "Reminiscences of Lewis Carroll" (Literature, 5 Feb 1898)
  • Woods, Margaret L. (1941): "Oxford in the Seventies" (Fortnightly Review #150, 1941)
    • The reliability of this article has been queried, as it contains some clear errors of fact

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