Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Information Economy/Acknowledgements

Acknowledgement of the AuthorEdit

I wish to acknowledge the following: Kimi, for her love, patience, and friendship; Senator Juan M. Flavier, my boss, for the encouragement, and for generously granting me time to write this; Romy and Lydia Quimbo, for encouraging me to go back to school; Emmanuel Lallana and Jaime Faustino, for introducing me to e-commerce policy study; Ramon J. Navarra Jr. and Renato N. Bantug Jr., able co-researchers and dearestfriends;Greta, whose tail always wags when I arrive home;Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, for patiently reviewing the draft; and Borro, Bheng, Rommel, Pids, Angie, Percy, Celia, Jean, Winnie, Rene, Didith, Philip,Cynthia, Bong, Perry, and Bats, and Katch, Shelah, Patricia, co-workers and friends.