Learn Assamese/Greetings

This course welcomes you. And in next few pages you will be learning some Assamese words. So it would be Namaskar so our first word :


Namaskar = নমস্কাৰ "(na-mas-car)" . So if you are seeing someone whom you haven't seen from a long time you may want to ask how he is. You can say [ki-kho-bor]= কি খবৰ ? or[kho-bor bhal-ne] খবৰ ভালনে ? Both are the used to ask thethe query ""Are you Fine""


In Assamese you can say Good Morning or Good Afternoon or Good Night accordingly. But , sometimes it is that your accent be difficult for people to understand. Otherwise it is ok. Generally not used or may be used by some people, you can say (Huu pra-bhat= সুপ্ৰভাত ) for morning ; (hu-bha xoi-n-dhyaa= শুভ সন্ধ্যা) for good afternoon and (huu bha RaatRee= শুভ ৰাত্ৰি) for good night.

(As you see Pra-bhat=(প্ৰভাত) can be boys' name and Xoi-n-dhyaa= সন্ধ্যা has become common name for girls')