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Chapter One, Lesson One - Basic conversation: In this chapter you'll study basic conversations.

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Latin Dialogue • Lesson 1 •  audio
What's your name?   Quod nomen tibi est?
Speakers Latin English
Maria Salve. Hello.
Eva Salve! Hi!
Maria Quod nomen tibi est? What's your name?
Eva Mihi nomen Eva est. Et tibi? My name is Eve. And you?
Maria Sum Maria. I'm Maria.
Eva Ain? Nomen pulchrum. Really? That's a pretty name.
Maria Gratias ago. Thanks.
Eva Quid agis? How are you?
Maria Bene mihi est I am well
Eva Vale. Good bye.
Maria Vale et tu. Good bye to you too.


In this conversation you have heard the most basic phrases of Latin.

  • Salve means "hello"
  • Vale means "good-bye"
  • Gratias (tibi) ago means "thank you", literally "I give thanks to (you)"
    • ob and pro are used after this to say thank you for...
  • Quaeso (often inbetween commas) means "please"
  • Sum means "I am".
  • Quid agis/Quid agit means How are you/How is it

A complete textbook for spoken Classical Latin can be found on Google Books. This textbook can also be heard read out aloud at My Podcast


EXERCISE • Lesson 1 • Translate from Latin to English
  1. Quid agit Thomas?
  2. Salve, amice!
  3. Vale et tu!
  4. Gratias tibi ago ob auxilium!
SOLUTION • Latin/Spoken/Lesson 1 • Translate from Latin to English
  1. How is Thomas?
  2. Hello, mate!
  3. Bye to you too!
  4. Thanks for the help! (Literally "I give thanks to you because of the help")