Latin/Noun and Verb Tables

This reference is not nearly finished yet, but it will be soon (hopefully)!


First DeclensionEdit

puella, puellae Singular Plural
Nominative puella puellae
Genitive puellae puellārum
Dative puellae puellīs
Accusative puellam puellās
Vocative puella puellae
Ablative puellā puellīs

Second DeclensionEdit


nanus, nani Singular Plural
Nominative nanus nani
Genitive nani nanorum
Dative nano nanis
Accusative nanum nanos
Vocative nane nani
Ablative nano nanis

-er (as in puer)Edit

puer, pueri Singular Plural
Nominative puer pueri
Genitive pueri puerorum
Dative puero pueris
Accusative puerum pueros
Vocative puer pueri
Ablative puero pueris

-er (as in ager)Edit

ager, agri Singular Plural
Nominative ager agri
Genitive agri agrorum
Dative agro agris
Accusative agrum agros
Vocative ager agri
Ablative agro agris