Latin/Lesson 1-Imperatives

Imperatives express direct commands, requests, and prohibitions. For example: run!, don't walk, be carried.

Present active imperatives edit

singular edit

For the singular imperative, the infinitive of the verb without the -re is used.

infinitive singular imperative
portāre to carry portā carry
respondēre to respond respondē respond
mittere to send mitte send
audīre to listen audī listen

plural edit

Plural active imperatives for the 1st, 2nd and 4th conjugation are formed by removing the -re from the end of the verb and adding -te. In the 3rd conjugation, -ere is removed from the infinitive and -ite is added.

infinitive plural imperative
portāre portāte
respondēre respondēte
mittere (3rd conjugation) mittite
audīre audīte