Laptop Computer Models/Lenovo


The Thinkpad series of laptop computers were originally designed by IBM and are modelled upon a traditional Japanese lunchbox.

Thinkpad 235
Thinkpad 240
Thinkpad 300
Thinkpad 500
Thinkpad 600
Thinkpad 700
Thinkpad 800
Thinkpad Z60

Edge SeriesEdit

L SeriesEdit

R SeriesEdit

Thinkpad R61

SL SeriesEdit

T SeriesEdit

Thinkpad T43
Thinkpad T61
Thinkpad T61p 14W
Thinkpad T61p 15W
Thinkpad T400
Thinkpad T410
Thinkpad T420
Thinkpad T430
Thinkpad T440
Thinkpad T440p
Thinkpad T450
Thinkpad T460
Thinkpad T470
Thinkpad 25
Thinkpad T480
Thinkpad T490

W SeriesEdit

Thinkpad W500
Thinkpad W510
Thinkpad W520
Thinkpad W700
Thinkpad W700DS
Thinkpad W701DS
Thinkpad W530
Thinkpad W540
Thinkpad W541
Thinkpad W550s

X seriesEdit

Thinkpad X1
Thinkpad X100e
Thinkpad X120e
Thinkpad X200
Thinkpad X200s
Thinkpad X300
Thinkpad X301
Thinkpad X60
Thinkpad X61
Thinkpad X200
Thinkpad X201
Thinkpad X220
Thinkpad X230
Thinkpad X240
Thinkpad X250
Thinkpad X260
Thinkpad X270
Thinkpad X280