LPI Linux Certification/Linux as a virtualization guest

Detailed Objectives edit

(LPIC-1 Version 5.0)

Weight: 1

Candidates should understand the implications of virtualization and cloud computing on a Linux guest system.

Key Knowledge Areas:

  • Understand the general concept of virtual machines and containers.
  • Understand common elements virtual machines in an IaaS cloud, such as computing instances, block storage and networking.
  • Understand unique properties of a Linux system which have to changed when a system is cloned or used as a template.
  • Understand how system images are used to deploy virtual machines, cloud instances and containers.
  • Understand Linux extensions which integrate Linux with a virtualization product.
  • Awareness of cloud-init.

The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

  • Virtual machine
  • Linux container
  • Application container
  • Guest drivers
  • SSH host keys
  • D-Bus machine id