LPI Linux Certification/LPIC2 Exam 202/Exercises results

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Networking Configuration edit

Basic networking configuration edit

Advanced Network Configuration and Troubleshooting edit

Mail & News edit

Configuring mailing lists edit

Using Sendmail edit

Managing Mail Traffic edit

Serving news edit

DNS edit

Basic BIND 8 configuration edit

Create and maintain DNS zones edit

Securing a DNS server edit

Web Services edit

Implementing a web server edit

Maintaining a web server edit

Implementing a proxy server edit

Network Client Management edit

DHCP configuration edit

NIS configuration edit

LDAP configuration edit

PAM authentication edit

System Security edit

Configuring a router edit

Securing FTP servers edit

Secure shell (OpenSSH) edit

TCP_wrappers edit

Security tasks edit

Network Troubleshooting edit

Troubleshooting network issues edit