LPI Linux Certification/LPIC1 Exam 102/Exercises results

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Topic 105: Kernel edit

1.105.1 Manage/Query kernel and kernel modules at runtime edit

1.105.2 Reconfigure, build, and install a custom kernel and kernel modules edit

Topic 106: Topic 106 Boot, Initialization, Shutdown and Runlevels edit

1.106.1 Boot the system edit

1.106.2 Change runlevels and shutdown or reboot system edit

Topic 107: Printing edit

1.107.2 Manage printers and print queues edit

1.107.3 Print files edit

1.107.4 Install and configure local and remote printers edit

Topic 108: Documentation edit

1.108.1 Use and manage local system documentation edit

1.108.2 Find Linux documentation on the Internet edit

1.108.5 Notify users on system-related issues edit

Topic 109: Shells, Scripting, Programming and Compiling edit

1.109.1 Customize and use the shell environment edit

1.109.2 Customize or write simple scripts edit

Topic 111: Administrative Tasks edit

1.111.1 Manage users and group accounts and related system files edit

1.111.2 Tune the user environment and system environment variables edit

1.111.3 Configure and use system log files to meet administrative and security needs edit

1.111.4 Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs to run in the future edit

1.111.5 Maintain an effective data backup strategy edit

1.111.6 Maintain system time edit

Topic 112: Networking Fundamentals edit

1.112.1 Fundamentals of TCP/IP edit

1.112.3 TCP/IP configuration and troubleshooting edit

1.112.4 Configure Linux as a PPP client edit

Topic 113: Networking Services edit

1.113.1 Configure and manage inetd, xinetd, and related services edit

1.113.2 Operate and perform basic configuration of sendmail edit

1.113.3 Operate and perform basic configuration of Apache edit

1.113.4 Properly manage the NFS, smb, and nmb daemons edit

1.113.5 Setup and configure basic DNS services edit

1.113.7 Set up secure shell (OpenSSH) edit

Topic 114: Security edit

1.114.1 Perform security administration tasks edit

1.114.2 Setup host security edit

1.114.3 Setup user level security edit