LPI Linux Certification/Customising A Kernel

Detailed Objective edit

Weight: 2

Candidates should be able to customise, build and install a 2.6 kernel for specific system requirements, by patching, compiling and editing configuration files as required. This objective includes being able to assess requirements for a kernel compile as well as build and configure kernel modules.

  • Key knowledge area(s):
    • Customize the current kernel configuration
    • Build a new kernel and appropriate kernel modules
    • Install a new kernel and any modules
    • Ensure that the boot manager can locate the new kernel and associated files
    • /usr/src/linux/
    • Module configuration files
  • The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
    • patch
    • make
    • module tools
    • /usr/src/linux/*
    • /usr/src/linux/.config
    • /lib/modules/kernel-version/*
    • /boot/*
    • make targets: all, config, menuconfig, xconfig, gconfig oldconfig, modules, install, modules_install, depmod, rpm-pkg, binrpm-pkg, deb-pkg