LPI Linux Certification/Creating Recovery Disks

Detailed Objective edit

Weight: 1

Candidates should be able to create bootdisks for system entrance and recovery disks for system repair.

  • Key knowledge area(s):
    • Filesystem configuration files
    • INIT configuration files
    • Any standard editor
    • Familiarity with the location and contents of the LDP Bootdisk-HOWTO
    • Tools to manipulate the MBR
    • Tools and utilities to copy and mount filesystems
    • GRUB
    • LILO
    • Loop devices
    • Making CD or USB storage devices bootable
  • The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
    • /etc/fstab
    • /etc/inittab
    • /usr/sbin/rdev
    • /bin/cat
    • /bin/mount (includes -o loop switch)
    • /sbin/lilo
    • /bin/dd
    • /sbin/mke2fs
    • /usr/sbin/chroot