LPI Linux Certification/Configure Fundamental BIOS Settings Exercise Results

  1. To show the amount of physical RAM available: use free or cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal
  2. Which are the devices that are sharing an interrupt line? cat /proc/interrupts | more
    • How many PCI buses and bridges are there? lspci | wc -l
    • Are there any PCI/ISA bridges? lspci | grep 'PCI\|ISA'
  3. What is the option with lspci to list all the Intel PCI devices? lspci -d 8086:*
  4. What is the command to set you IDE hard drive in read only mode? hdparm -r1 <device>
  5. What is the command to turn on/off the disk cache hard drive? hdparm -W1 <device>    hdparm -W0 <device>
  6. What does the setpci utility do? setpci is a utility for querying and configuring PCI devices.
  7. What would be the command to write a word in register N of a PCI device? setpci -s 12:3.4 N.W=1