LPI Linux Certification/Backup Operations

Detailed Objective (206.2) edit

(LPIC-2 Version 4.5)

Weight: 3

Description: Candidates should be able to use system tools to back up important system data.

Key Knowledge Areas:

  • Knowlegde about directories that have to be include in backups.
  • Awareness of network backup solutions such as Amanda, Bacula, Bareos and BackupPC.
  • Knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of tapes, CDR, disk or other backup media.
  • Perform partial and manual backups.
  • Verify the integrity of backup files.
  • Partially or fully restore backups.

Terms and Utilities:

  • /bin/sh
  • dd
  • tar
  • /dev/st* and /dev/nst*
  • mt
  • rsync

further reading edit