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A Quadratic Polytopic Stabilization Controller Synthesis can be done using this LMI, requiring the information about , , and matrices.

The SystemEdit


where  ,  , at any  .
The system consist of uncertainties of the following form


where  , ,  and  

The DataEdit

The matrices necessary for this LMI are  ,  ,  and  

The Optimization and LMI:LMI for Controller Synthesis using the theorem of Polytopic Quadratic StabilityEdit

There exists a K such that


is quadratically stable for   if and only if there exists some P>0 and Z such that



The Controller gain matrix is extracted as  
Note that here the controller doesn't depend on  

  • If you want K to depend on   , the problem is harder.
  • But this would require sensing   in real-time.


This implementation requires Yalmip and Sedumi. https://github.com/JalpeshBhadra/LMI/blob/master/quadraticpolytopicstabilization.m

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