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LMIs in Control/pages/Hurwitz detectability

Hurwitz DetectabilityEdit

Hurwitz detectability is a dual concept of Hurwitz stabilizability and is defined as the matrix pair  , is said to be Hurwitz detectable if there exists a real matrix   such that   is Hurwitz stable.

The SystemEdit


where  ,  ,  , at any  .

The DataEdit

  • The matrices   are system matrices of appropriate dimensions and are known.

The Optimization ProblemEdit

There exist a symmetric positive definite matrix   and a matrix   satisfying
There exists a symmetric positive definite matrix   satisfying
with   being the right orthogonal complement of  .
There exists a symmetric positive definite matrix   such that
for some scalar  

The LMI:Edit

Matrix pair  , is Hurwitz detectable if and only if following LMI holds



Thus by proving the above conditions we prove that the matrix pair   is Hurwitz Detectable.


Find the MATLAB implementation at this link below
Hurwitz detectability

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