LEGO Design/Materials

The following are things you should (or ideally should) have:

  • LEGO elements. LEGO is available either in bulk packages with a variety of bricks, plates, and other elements, or as sets which can be used to build the model on the box or other creations.
  • Base-plates can usually be bought individually, although some come with sets. Like their name implies, they act as a base for models and help provide support. Base-plates are most available in 32x32 and 48x48, but various sizes, colors, and shapes exist.
  • Minifigures add realism to LEGO models. They are generally included with some sets, and some special sets are released which are just minifigures and accessories. Again, consider what you want to do before purchasing.
  • If you are building a Technic model, wheels, axles, and other elements are included in LEGO Technic sets. An electric motor can be purchased separately to add motion to the model.
  • If necessary, sets and parts can be purchased from the LEGO company's Shop-at-Home catalog, or from various web sites that buy and sell LEGO.