LEGO Design/Introduction

It has long been realized that Lego blocks are much more than children's toys, they are grown up's toys as well. With the introduction of Technic Lego (c) and later on Mindstorms Lego (c) Lego became much more than static modeling. It became a live, multi-dimensional simulation. With Lego we can now reproduce much more than simple models of buildings and still objects, we can now make robots and moving modules that accurately represent the world.

LEGO Design has two forms: Creative and Instructional. Instructional building is done with detailed instructions as a guide. Lego Inc. supplies building instructions with all of their products which contain details of the different uses of the parts and tips on their use in creative designing. Creative design involves building without instructions, which requires a lot more creativity and at the end is the most valued type of design.

In this guide we give many instructional designs which were produced by Lego or submitted by independent designers. Alongside are also many tips on how to produce your own successful designs using your Lego at home.

Remember, the important thing is not to make the best model or accurately reproduce reality. The most important thing is to have fun!