On Valentine's Day 1980, L. Ron Hubbard went into hiding in an elaborate escape plan that involved changing vehicles and destroying those vehicles once used.[1] Initially Hubbard settled into a one-room apartment in Newport Beach with his trusted aides Pat and Annie Broeker living next door. Later Hubbard toured in a Blue Bird mobile home. Hubbard also purchased a small ranch. [1]

Ranch near Creston, California where L. Ron Hubbard spent his last days.

In the summer of 1983, Pat and Annie Broeker (using aliases Mike and Lisa Mitchell) purchased Whispering Winds Ranch, a horse farm in Creston, California. Hubbard took up residence on the ranch, where he used the alias "Jack Farnsworth".[1][2] The property was remodeled multiple times, and a race-horse track was built but never used.[2]

Steve 'Sarge' Pfauth reports that in October 1985, Hubbard summoned him and requested he construct an e-meter capable of killing the body. According to Pfauth, he constructed a meter that would give a mild electric shock and presented it to Hubbard as a machine capable of killing its user. Pfauth reports that Hubbard did indeed use the device, which "fried" the meter. [3][4]

On January 16, 1986, L. Ron Hubbard suffered a severe stroke. He requested Messenger Ray Mithoff to assist him putting his affairs in order and to provide a "death assist". He signed a will limiting the inheritance of his family members and he signed an order promoting himself to the rank of Admiral. He created a new rank, the "loyal officer", and promoted Pat and Annie Broeker to this rank.[1]

On January 24, 1986, L. Ron Hubbard died. Pat Broeker, Ray Mithoff, and a handful of others were present. [1] Eugene Denk , Hubbard’s personal physician, signed the death certificate certifying case of death as a "cerebral vascular accident".

Local mortuary owner Irene Reis was contacted by attorney Earle Cooley who requested retrieval and immediate cremation of a body.[2] Upon learning the body was that of L. Ron Hubbard, Reis contacted the San Luis Obispo Country sheriff-coroner.[2] Deputy coroner Don Hines ordered a postponement of the cremation until an independent pathologist could examine the body.[2] The deputy coroner similarly ordered the body photographed and fingerprinted. At 3:30 PM, the deputy coroner released the body, which was cremated.[2]

Dr. Denk reported having administered Vistaril, a tranquilizer usually used to treat anxiety. The coroner's report noted the presence of "ten needle marks" on the "right gluteal area", and toxicology from Hubbard's body confirmed the presence of Vistaril.[2][5] The report notes a longstanding history of pancreatitis, and a "recent history of Dysphrasia as of, on or about January 16". [5]

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