Láadan/Láadan Word Lists

This has some handy words categorized together for easy access.


Láadan English
an To know (have met, person)
ban To give
bedi To learn (obedi = body-learn)
bel To take
benem To stay
bithim To meet
di To say
dóhin To create
doth To follow
du- prefix on verb To try
dush To must, to be obliged to
eb To buy, to sell
elash To play
en To understand (rahen = not understand)
hal To work
il To watch, paying active attention
loláad To feel, perceive internally
lothel To know (have learned)
ma To listen, active hearing
mime To ask
néde To want
om To teach
oób To jump
óomasháad To walk
redeb To find
rilin To drink
sháad To come, to go
thad To be able to
then To break (destroy)
thi To have
thib To stand
thod To write
u To open (u ra = to close)
wéedan To read
wida To carry
wod To sit
yime To run
yod To eat
zhedi To agree (razhedi = disagree)


Láadan English
beth home
ulin school
hohal office
yodehoth restaurant
heshehoth park
wehe store
anawehe grocery store
áabewehe bookstore
áatham church

Household Items

Láadan English
áath door
al toilet
bid sink
dalebediwan desk
dalehanawan, dahan bed
dalewodewan chair
daleyodewan table
dem window
ithedal lamp
óob oven
shinehal computer
théle television


Láadan English
áayo skirt
bon shirt
inad pants
ishida socks
óomi shoe
owe dress
yen hat


Láadan English
mid creature, animal
romid wild animal
shamid domestic animal
ámid baby animal
yáamid teenage animal
háamid young animal, offspring
halezhub ant
eduthemid beaver
zhozhub, zhomid bee
yum beetle
babí bird
áalaá butterfly
hibomid camel
rul cat
álub chick
lub chicken
dithemid cow
lemamid deer
lemamidid male deer, stag
lanemid dog dog
óowamid dragon
yazh duck
domid elephant
thili fish
lub fowl, poultry
dumidal fox
ríibib frog
humazhomid guinea pig
dathimid hedgehog
omid horse
zhub insect
lhezhub noxious insect
éezha lizard
óoloó moth
edemid mouse
wothemid mule
elalimid otter
húumid owl
muda pig
dathimid porcupine
shanemid rabbit
éesh sheep
ezha snake
dathimezhub, dathimemid spider
elashemid squirrel
resh wasp
uthemid whale
holanemid wolf

Body parts

Láadan English
oba body
oya flesh, skin
on head
ona face
womedin neck
oda arm
óoba leg
oma hand
thahoma fist
óoyaha oma palm
ishid digit (finger, toe)
bath nail/claw (finger-, toe-)
delith hair
oyi eye
oyo nose
oyu ear
rawan chest
wan back
rim shoulder
rum hip
óoma foot
uth brain
bid nerve
thud bone
doluth spine
thun muscle
óoya heart
luhili blood
iluli blood vessel
óoyo mouth
odama lip
odith tongue
dash tooth
wom throat
hod stomach
hodáath intestines, bowels
nohodáath rectum
web liver
yeb kidney
thol breast
wodama vulva
wohóol 'female' sexual/reproductive system in sum
hib ovary
hibid testis
wóoya uterus, womb
lul vagina
lilihaáláa, owo labia
nemeháalish, abathede clitoris
bom penis

Foods, Cooking, and Eating

Láadan English
anadal meal
rana beverage
wéebe ale
webe beer
thuwebe mead
doyu apple
thuyu apricot
edeni bean
loyodalatham blackberry
leyidalatham blueberry
bal bread
hob butter
thuzh cake
thuhal candy
medalayun carrot
ódon cheese
ahana chocolate
ahanamezh cocoa
yob coffee
onelal cream
ni cup
rana drink, beverage
rilin to drink
yod to eat
máa egg
edemezh flour
ana food
batha fork
yu fruit
ede grain
zhebom grease
anawehe grocery store
thesh herb
yide hunger, to be hungry
éeb juice, sap
rahana junk food
hum knife
hezh lemon
ilimeda lettuce
hizh lime
deheni meat
deheni melon
lal milk
mud mushroom
hom nectar
homeyu nectarine
yumal nut
bom oil
yun orange
óob oven
aálesh parsley
ededal pasta
thizh pie
rin plate
udemeda potato
ilihede rice
máan salt
lel seaweed
yem sour
meén sugar
meénan sweet
zhu tea
háami thyme
meda vegetable


Láadan English
loyo black
leyi blue
leyan brown
liyen green
layun orange
lula purple
laya red
líithi white
léli yellow


Láadan English
nede 1
shin 2
boó 3
bim 4
shan 5
bath 6
um 7
nib 8
bud 9
thab 10
nedethab 11
shinethab 12
bathethab 16
thabeshin 20
thabeshin i nede 21
thabeboó 30
debe 100
debe i nede 101
thob 1000
thob i nede 1001
rod 1,000,000 (one million)
merod 1,000,000,000 (one billion)




Days of the Week

Láadan English Literal
Henesháal Monday East Day
Honesháal Tuesday West Day
Hunesháal Wednesday North Day
Hanesháal Thursday South Day
Rayilesháal Friday Above Day
Yilesháal Saturday Below Day
Hathamesháal Sunday Center Day


Months of the Year

Láadan English Literal
Alel January Seaweed Month
Ayáanin February Tree Month
Ahesh March Grass Month
Athil April Vine Month
Amahina May Flower Month
Athesh June Herb Month
Ameda July Vegetable Month
Adaletham August Berry Month
Ahede September Grain Month
Ayu October Fruit Month
Athon November Seed Month
Adol December Root Month




Note that some of these terms are unofficial, created by Rachel Singh

Láadan English Literal Source
Hodo Tulip Official word
Lehina Lilac Official word
Léeli Daffodil, jonquil, narcissus Official word
Mahina Flower Official word
Oyimahina Violet Oyi = eye Official word
Shahina Rose Sha = harmony Official word
Shadehina Lily Shad = pure, [ma]hina = flower Unofficial word by Rachel Singh, derived from etymology of Lily (Pale, pure)
Zhenedahina Marigold Zheneda = loanword from Hindi (Genda), [ma]hina = flower Unofficial word by Rachel Singh, derived from Hindi term for Marigold
Sháalehina Daisy Sháal = day, [ma]hina = flower Unofficial word by Rachel Singh, derived from etymology of Daisy (Days-Eye)
Roshina Sunflower Rosh = sun, [ma]hina = flower Unofficial word by Rachel Singh




Note that some of these terms are unofficial, created by Rachel Singh

Láadan English Literal Source
Shinehal Computer Shin = two, hal = work Official word
Eshinehal Computer science E = the study of, shinehal = computer Official word
Shenidal Network Sheni = intersection, dal = thing Official word
Raneran Computer printer Ran = typewriter Official word
Bod Line of code Official word
Bodibod Computer program Bod = line of code, i = and Official word
Shinehaleshida Computer game, video game Shinehal = computer, shida = game Unofficial word by Rachel Singh
Shinith Electronic Shin = two, ith = light Unofficial word by Rachel Singh
Therashenidal Internet Thera = earth, shinedal = network Unofficial word by Rachel Singh
Melimedi Mail (non-electronic) Mel = paper, im = travel, di = talk Unofficial word by Rachel Singh
Shinithimedi E-mail Shinith = electronic (unofficial), im = travel, di = talk Unofficial word by Rachel Singh




The official dictionary has not been fleshed out with many LGBTQIA+ words. The words for "male-identified" and "lesbian" are listed in the Láadan Language dictionary [2], but not much else.

As a community it is up to the language users to come up with terms that feel comfortable to them.

As such, an author can only suggest terms but if you have a word that is more appropriate for your own perceptions, use it and share it here and elsewhere that others may also use it.

Sexual Orientations

Láadan English Origin Breakdown
Withidshimá Gay (male) Derived from Ludishimá Withid (Male), Shimá (One who performs a sexual act)
Lushimá Lesbian (female) Word in the official dictionary. Lul? (Vagina) or Ludi? (To be female), Shimá (One who performs a sexual act)
Ludishimá Lesbian (female) Unofficial, defined by Rachel J Morris Ludi (Female), Shimá (One who performs a sexual act)
Shineshimá Bisexual Unofficial Shin (two), Shimá (One who performs a sexual act)
Wohoshimá Pansexual Unofficial, defined by Rachel J Morris Woho (All, every), Shimá (One who performs a sexual act)
Ramaha Asexual Word in the official dictionary. Ramaha (Absence of sexual desire)



Build whatever word is comfortable for yourself. The tricky part here is that it is hard to define romantic orientations with the limited Láadan dictionary.

I'm not quite sure how the word for lesbian was built; I would tend to go with the Ludi definition rather than Lul to take into account lesbians who are also trans women, or in a relationship with a trans woman.

Bisexual can mean vastly different things to different people. Therefore, I'm leaving it alone. (However, another contributor has suggested a usage based on the numeral 2, for those who believe the name depends on assumption of a gender binary.)

Wohoshimá may seem more like "one who does all sexual acts", which would be misleading. Gee, if only Láadan had better vocabulary to talk about gender and sexuality!

Gender Identity

Láadan English Origin Breakdown
? male-identified
? female-identified
? transgender
? agender
? multigender
? genderfluid
? non-binary


Láadan English Origin Breakdown
? Intersex
? Questioning
? Aromantic


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