Web interface plug-inEdit

The configuration dialog for the web interface plug-in lets you configure if you want to be able to remotely control KTorrent or remotely monitor your download statics with a web browser.

The Port option allows you to configure which port KTorrent should listen to for incoming connections. You can use any port here as long as you know for sure no other program on your computer is (or will be) using it. As a safety precaution, use a port in the range 49152 to 65535.

Forward Port will forward the configured port by using the UPnP plug-in. If your local network does not use a router, or if you only want to make use of the web interface from inside your LAN, you will not need to set the Forward Port.

Session TTL is for configuring how long one should be able to stay logged in while idle.

PHP executable path is where the binary file for PHP is located. If it is not automatically set after KTorrent is installed, launch Konsole or any other terminal program and use the command “which php” to find where the path to PHP is on your computer.

Fill in a Username and Password to allow access to the web interface only after proving your selected Username and Password.