Scan Folder plug-in edit

The scan folder plug-in can monitor one or more directories for new torrent files to automatically load. One can use this plug-in to monitor any storage location, as long as the user account running KTorrent has read and write permissions to the location where the torrent file is saved.

There are three additional options for the user to choose from— open torrents silently, delete after downloading, and move to loaded directory.

The option Open Torrents Silently will remove the dialog which would normally request you to choose which files you want to download for a multi-file torrent. This option is useful if you want to upload a torrent from another computer with SSH in one of the configured paths and have KTorrent immediately load it.

The option Delete After Downloading is useful if you want to clean up the .torrent files once KTorrent has loaded them. If you like clean directories, you will love this option.

The option Move To Loaded Directory is an alternative to the previous option, of removing the torrent file. It makes an extra folder “loaded” in the monitored path and moves the loaded .torrent file there.