The bandwidth scheduler allows you to set up a download schedule for each day and/or time range

The bandwidth scheduler is great if you get free downloads from your ISP during off peak periods as it allows you restrict ktorrent to only download during your ISP's off peak period.

The bandwidth scheduler also allows you to control the upload and download speeds for each period.

To use the bandwidth scheduler you must first enable it in via Plugin page in KTorrent configuration (Settings|Configure KTorrent...|Plugins)

To set up a schedule click the 'Bandwidth Schedule' tab. Now click 'New Item' Enter the 'From' and 'To' times that you want to have the schedule applied to.

Note: in version 3.2.1 of KTorrent there appears to be a bug in that you can't set a 'From' time after 11:00am. To get around this create an item for 11:00am save it and then use your mouse to drag the item down to the required start time.

Select the desired dates that you want the item to apply to and then set the limits as required.

Example: Your ISP offers free downloads between 2:00am and 12:00pm (lunch time) and you only want to download during the free periods.

You will need to add three items to handle this schedule.

Example Schedule
Item Start Time End Time Days Limits
1 00:00 1:59 M,T,W,T,F,S,S Select 'Stop all Torrents'
2 02:00 11:59 M,T,W,T,F,S,S Use the bandwidth calculator to determine 'download limit'
3 12:00 23:59 M,T,W,T,F,S,S Select 'Stop all Torrents'

You may want to set a download limit for Item 2 depending on how much free data you get during the off peak period. You may also want to set an upload limit if you pay for uploads. If not then there is no need to set an upload limit unless you need other programs to access the Internet during this period.

Once you have setup a schedule you will need to restart ktorrent before it will take affect [Is this right?].

You can also save and load schedules but this isn't needed for normal operation.

You can use the following calculation to work out what upload or download limits to set.

Speed Limit (KiB/s)=(FreeGB/FreeHours/31/3600)*1024*1024

FreeGB = the amount of free data, in Giga Bytes) you receive each MONTH.
FreeHours = the total number of hours each DAY during which downloads are free.

For example:
You have 30 GB in free downloads each month.
Any downloads between 2am and 12pm are free.
This means that you have 14 hours of free downloads per day.

So the above equation would be:
Speed Limit (KiB/s)=(30/14/31/3600)*1024*1024

In this case the answer is 20 KiB/s. So you would set the download limit for 'Item 2' above to 20 KiB/s.