Learn Korean (Introduction)Reading and writing
Conversation1단계: Beginner
2급: High beginner1. Sports2. Jobs3. Downtown4. Public transportation5. At the hotel6. At the library7. At the farm8. Medical care9. The Weather10. At the movies
3단계: Low intermediate4단계: High intermediate5단계: Low advanced6단계: Advanced


  • Movie theater 영화관/극장
  • Karaoke Room 노래방
  • DVD room DVD 방
  • PC room PC 방
  • small restaurant 식당
  • Station 역
  • Subway 지하철
  • store 가게
  • Department store 백화점(←every[百]+goods[貨]+store[店])
  • Convenient store 편의점
  • book store 서점
  • bank 은행
  • police office 경찰서
  • fire station 소방서
  • hospital 병원
  • parking lot 주차장
  • University 대학교


  • PC방이 어디에 있어요? Where is the PC room?
  • 영화가 언제 시작해요? When does the movie start?
  • 동대문역 어디에 있십니까? Where is Dongdaemun station?