The purpose of this Wikibook is to provide an introduction to the mobile survey software suite called KoBo Toolbox ( Using the KoBo Toolbox, surveys for mobile Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can be created. The screenshot of the Android application shows a typical multiple-choice (single-select) question.

A question in the KoBo App.

Although there are many mobile survey software suites, the KoBo Toolbox is particularly interesting for a number of reasons:

  • open-source: free to use and change, fully transparent
  • scalability: use multiple devices, aggregate results
  • remote administration: results can be synchronized automatically
  • robustness: works under difficult conditions, such as limited internet

The topics discussed in this Wikibook are listed below.

KoBoForm edit

KoBoCollect edit

  • Exporting the form to an Xform XML file
  • Loading the XML file into the KoBo Collect Android app
  • Filling out a survey
  • Saving the results
  • Exporting the results to a computer

Post Processing edit

  • Aggregating the results to a CSV file
  • Importing the CSV file into SPSS / PSPP

Advanced Topics edit

  • Trigger questions
  • Group questions

KoBo External Resources edit

  • KoBo Toolbox website [1]
  • Official KoBo Toolbox User guide [2]
  • Official KoBo Toolbox YouTube Channel [3]
  • KoBoForm form builder [4]