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Knowledge Patterns/Key Contributors

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Key contributions include

  • Contributors to the vision for this book
  • writers
  • reviewers
  • editors
  • illustrators
  • etc.

Please add your details below if you are a key contributor.

Hint: cut, paste and edit the wiki markup text from one of the other contributors.

Kim TuckerEdit

Position Catalyst/ Researcher/ Editor/ Reviewer
Affiliation Freelance
Location Switzerland
Role Catalyst/ Facilitator/ Editor/ Reviewer
Brief Biography Kim Tucker is a researcher, writer, facilitator and catalyst interested in the global impact of technology and connected collaborative learning, and knowledge transfer across disciplines and divides.

He promotes free software and "libre knowledge" emphasising the freedoms users of "libre resources" should enjoy to permit unrestrained social contructionist learning in the connected "copy modify mix and share" culture.