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Knot components
A: Turn
B: Round turn
C: Two round turns
The center part of a length of rope, string, or yarn as opposed to the ends.
  • A "bight" is any curved section, slack part, or loop between the ends of a rope.
  • The phrase "in the bight" implies a U-shaped section of rope is itself being used in making a knot. Many knots can be tied either with the end or in the bight.
Bitter end
This is a commonly misused term, meaning the end of the line at the bitts. A bitt is a metal block with a crosspin used for tying lines to, found on docks.
A full circle formed by passing the working end over itself. Note that the term 'loop' is also used to refer to a category of knots (see 'Categories' below).
Two crossing points created by an extra twist in a loop.
Standing end
The end of the rope not involved in making the knot, often shown as unfinished.
Standing part
Section of line between knot and the standing end.
  • A turn or single turn is a single pass behind or through an object.
  • A round turn is the complete encirclement of an object; requires two passes.
  • Two round turns circles the object twice; requires three passes.
Working end
The active end of a line used in making the knot. May also be called the 'running end'.
Working part
Section of line between knot and the working end.