Knots/Bend knots/Zeppelin bend

A Zeppelin bend is an all purpose bend knot: it is a secure, easily tied, and jam-proof way to connect two ropes. Though its simplicity and security may be matched by other bends, it is unique in the ease with which it is untied, even after heavy loading. It is also referred to as a "Rosendahl bend", both names stemming from its use to moor airships (Zeppelin being a type of airship, and Charles Rosendahl being the airship captain who popularized this bend by insisting it be used to moor his craft). Despite being praised by some sources as "the perfect bend knot", the knot is not very well-known; Clifford Ashley, author of The Ashley Book of Knots, was apparently unaware of this bend.

Zeppelin bend
NamesZeppelin bend, Rosendahl bend
Typical useConnecting two ropes


Zeppelin bend step by step
  • Form a loop in each of the ends of rope
  • Overlay one loop on the other, such that the working end of each rope faces "outwards" or away from the other hitch
  • Pull either loose end once around the loop in the other rope, and then through the "tunnel" created by the two hitches
  • Repeat with the other loose end
  • Pull on all four rope parts to tighten the knot.
  • To untie, pull simultaneously on the two turns that go round the standing parts.