This is a list of questions/answers that can be useful for users. Feel free to add your own tips.

General edit

Does Kdenlive support .ogv from Recordmydesktop? edit

In some versions, it's It's not in the list of supported files. But in, .ogg is listed among the available formats.

Can I import .dv files from kino? edit

Yes, it should work without problem. Due to a small bug, the .dv clips don't show up in the "Add Clip" dialog of Kdenlive 0.3. You can just enter an asterisk (*) in the filter line of the dialog and all files will be shown. Or simply drag and drop the dv file into Kdenlive's project view.

I am told/I have read that I can add more luma file transitions. How do I do that? edit

All users can add new transitions into Kdenlive by using the new "download new luma file" feature. (Settings->Get new luma transition)

How can I create luma transitions/wipes? edit

Create a pgm file (it is just a grayscale image with size 720x576 (PAL) or 720x486 (NTSC) with gradients. Gimp or Inkscape, for example, are quite good for creating the images.
When ready simply put them in the folder ~/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/pgm/PAL (create the folder if necessary).
To test the luma files just start Kdenlive, and your new transition will automatically appear in the list.
use a string like this in a terminal window for a real quick preview:
inigo /path/to/clip1 -track -blank 10 /path/to/clip2 -transition luma:square.pgm softness=0 in=10 out=35 a_track=0 b_track=1

How can I share my luma transitions with other kdenlive users? edit

Using the KNewstuff technology you can now share your luma files through the internet. Simply upload your luma file to You need to create a free account, then go to Add Content and upload your image file into the category Kdenlive. You can also create a tar.gz archive containing several pgm images. Please add a comment to say if the transition is PAL or NTSC, add a small jpeg preview and that's it.
You could also send your cool luma files to Jean-Baptiste so that he can upload them.

Capturing edit

How do I get video captured from recordmydesktop to play/render in .75? edit

I get a 'read permission' error when trying to capture video (as normal user) edit

In order to use Firewire DV camcorders you must have read/write permission to /dev/raw1394, which is not enabled by default. You can use Kdenlive with sudo or kdesu (better within KDE), having root authorisations, to overcome this. If you want to be able to use Kdenlive as a normal user, you can also change the file describing the rules for this. In a terminal windows do as follows: $ sudo <your_favorite_editor> /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules

Find the line that says:

KERNEL=="raw1394",                      GROUP="disk"

and change it to:

KERNEL=="raw1394",                      GROUP="video"
  • This is a security risk, but only when you have firewire storage via the raw1394 module. If you accept this risk, just do it.
  • Check also that your user is member of the group "video"
  • You might need to reboot.

Camcorder control seems to work fine, but no video is really captured edit

Kdenlive uses dvgrab to capture video. Make sure that you have at least dvgrab version 2.0. You can determine your version by issueing the command "dvgrab --version" in a terminal window.

Video Editing edit

How can I copy a clip from the timeline ? edit

This can be done by selecting the clip and then drag and drop from the clip monitor into the timeline.
Since Kdenlive 0.4, just use standard copy/paste action.

How can I split the audio from the video in a clip? edit

Since Kdenlive 0.4, right click on a clip and choose "Split audio from selected clip".
(You can also put a copy of the video clip in an audio track, and then mute (in the effects) the video clip. That way you can de-synchronise audio and video.)

How do I create a transition? edit

Watch this transition tutorial (What version of Kdenlive was used in this video clip?)

How can I create a virtual clip? edit

Watch this video tutorial (You'll need an ogg-enabled mediaplayer)

What are Guides and Markers and how do I use them? edit

Watch this video tutorial (You'll need an ogg-enabled mediaplayer)

How to work with 16:9 format? edit

Make a new project "File / New" and set "Video format" to "PAL 16:9 (720x576)". It is different than in kino, because kino works only with one track.

Getting more indices for Volume Effects? edit

Volume effect works with keyframes. You can add more keyframes by doing Ctrl-click in the clip at the point where you want to add a keyframe. Then you can move this keyframe by dragging it with your mouse.

General edit

Where is the kdenlive log of errors?