Kdenlive/Audio effects

Audio clips can be treated with a multitude of effects in Kdenlive, and the available audio effects are listed in this page.

Unless otherwise stated, the audio effects used in Kdenlive are based on LADSPA, an open-source architecture for sound plug-ins. They will be available only if MLT was compiled with support for LADSPA, and for achieving this the packages ladspa-sdk and libjack-dev and swh-plugins must be installed. However, this should not be an issue for people not interested in compiling Kdenlive locally.

  • Mute : Hides the audio from a clip. This is a MLT effect.
  • Volume : Adjust the variation of audio volume in a clip between two selected frames. This effect is provided by the MLT framework.
  • Declipper : Remove from the soundtrack clicks caused by clipping, an artifact caused when the audio recording level was too high. If you can have a graphical visualization of the sound, in a software like Audacity, you will see the audio "overflowing" and having its peaks cut off --- and these peaks cause the clip artifact.
  • Vinyl : Emulate the sound of a vinyl record player.
  • Limiter : Limit the audio volume.
  • Equalizer : A stereo equalizer, useful for adjusting playback levels separately for different tones, like treble, mid and bass.
  • Phaser : Very commonly used by guitar players, this effect causes an inversion in the phase of a sound wave in regular periods of time. In a sound wave made from a constant tone, a phaser will make it sound like a "woouunnwooouunn...". Well, it is surely easier to understand it by hearing than by reading :)
  • Pitch Scaler : Allows you to modify the tone modulation of a sound --- for example, to make a male voice sound like a female voice and vice-versa.
  • Pitch Shifter :
  • Rate Scaler :
  • Reverb : Reverberation is what happens, for example, when you sing in a cathedral, by the sound reflecting in the walls.
  • Room Reverb : Same effect as in reverb but with shorter delays, like in a bathroom.