Kapampangan/Numbers To One Hundred

Part A: DescriptionEdit

In this section, we will learn how to count to one hundred. As you will see, a mixture of numbers from old Kapampangan and words originating from Spanish are used. This is because, for a very long time in Pampanga, anything that involved complex transactions was handled in Spanish, rather than in Kapampangan.

Part B: ApplicationEdit

métung one
aduang pulu twenty
atlung pulu thirty
apat a pulu forty
limang pulu fifty
anam a pulu sixty
'pitung pulu seventy
walung pulu eighty
siyam a pulu ninety
dinalan one hundred

Part C: ExercisesEdit

Part D: SummaryEdit

You now know how to count up to one hundred. Also you have learned the following new words and phrases:

Kap. word 1 Eng. trans 1
word 2 trans 2