Memorizing Kanji edit

This book aims to be a reference book to learn and memorize in an efficient way thousands of Kanji used in the Japanese Language.

Including over 6000 Kanji tested in Kanken Test, sufficient to read most of Japanese texts (manga, novels, news, websites, etc.).

Over 430000 Kanji exist, but most are very rare and not included here.

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Sample edit

のぞ希望キ ボウのぞ。「欲望ヨク ボウ絶望ゼツ ボウのぞましい願望ガン ボウ野望ヤ ボウ」(モウ)(朢)

Explanation edit

is a Kanji to be memorized. Links to English Wiktionary provides translation of Japanese words.

望む , 希望 & 望み are keywords representing the main meanings of the Kanji .

Derived words examples are given between 「corner brackets」 (as: 欲望, 絶望, 望ましい, 願望 & 野望).

Pronunciation (Kanji Readings) are written above the Kanji as Furigana.

On Readings are derived from Ancient Chinese, written here with Katakana

(as "ボウ" above "望" in the words: 希望, 欲望, 絶望, 願望 & 野望).

Kun Readings are Native Japanese readings, written here with Hiragana

(as "のぞ" above "望" in the words: 望む, 望み & 望ましい).

"モウ" is a rare reading of . is a less common variant (alternative shape).

Kanji Group Index edit

Grouped by a shared Phonetic Kanji Component, indicating similar On Readings (with exceptions).

  国,國  愛 不 且 両,兩 令 侵 倝 朝 兵 同 坴 埶 孚 巤