KS3 Computing/Projects Ideas/Creating wearable tech using a crumble

Programming LEDs using a simple programmable device - a simple programming activity to create a piece of wearable tech using Crumble sparkles. This activity teaches sequence and repetition.

  • Use one or more programming languages, to solve a variety of computational problems.
  • Design computational abstractions that model the state and behavior of real world problems.

How to use a Crumble from Redfern
Flashing Cap
Simple images of a traffic light hat, a fun hat for younger pupils to learn about road safety.

1. Set the scene.
Discuss: Design approach; Requirements including audience; Examples of wearable tech.
Explain to learners that they are going to be creating wearable tech for a particular set of requirements/themes/design criteria for a particular audience (users), e.g. props for a younger pupils play, clothing for a fund raising digital fashion show, safety clothing for cyclists. Lead a class discussion about how they might create the clothing. Explore ideas such as investigating the user requirements, investigating examples of wearable tech, creating a design, choosing the software, writing and debugging the code, presenting and evaluating the tech. Ask pupils what we call it when we break a problem down into parts. Decomposition.

2. Design.
Draw labelled diagram of design.
Annotate with a table or flowchart detailing an initial design of the lighting pattern, for example start, light 1 red, light 2 blue, light 3 green, wait 3 seconds, light 1 orange, light 2 blue, light 3 yellow, wait 3 seconds repeat from start. (Note this provides the algorithm.) (Note in breaking the pattern down into steps students are decomposing the algorithm.)

3. Trial crumble components.
Assemble the electronic components and use the algorithm to program the crumble, adding one step at a time and debugging before moving on to the next step of the algorithm. Update design reflecting any changes made.
Simple code that sets colours of sparkles using sequence and repetition.
4. Make wearable items.
Make fabric components of the design.

5.Integrate crumble components with wearable items.
Retest the product.

6. User testing.
Test the products made with the user community. Update designs and rework as necessary.

7. Evaluate.
Evaluate the product against the design brief.

Visual programming language downloaded from Redfern here. http://redfernelectronics.co.uk/crumble-software/

Crumble - a crumble is a small programmable circuit board from Redfern Electronics. It can be programmed using a simple 'scratch like' graphical programming language. This programming language supports sequence, selection, repetition, variables. The crumble can take inputs from sensors such as light or movement sensors and controls motors, leds and Redfern's sparkles.

Stretch material. Crumble nightlight