KS3 Computing/Presentation

C.R.A.P PresentationsEdit

Making C.R.A.P. presentations is very important in getting your message across.

C.R.A.P stands for:

  • Contrast - If 2 things are not the same, make them REALLY different
  • Repetition - Repeated elements strengthens organisation
  • Alignment - Give every element a visual connection to another element on the slide
  • Proximity - Items relating to each other should be grouped close together

For more information check out Presentation:"Your Presentation is CRAP, and That's Why I Like It".


Ever thought you could make an animated presentation in minutes. Click the link below to find out about Powtoon.

How to create animated presentations


Do you have loads of pictures and want to turn it into a presentation? Try and use Animoto.


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