KS3 Computing/Editing Guide

Editing GuideEdit

This section is aimed at helping people edit the materials, rather than being part of the core topic of Computing at Schools.

Images for this bookEdit

You can find images to use on your pages here

Images for KS3 Computing


We have created various templates, generally with a prefix of CAS so they're easier to identify and use, with the aim of making the book more attractive, consistent and easier to read & digest.

Here are the various templates we believe would be useful, those that have been created should have the name of the respective template shown.

  • Topic - Template:CASTopic
  • Synopsis / problems / why - Template:CASSynopsis
  • Links with games / life / extension
  • links to Programme of Study - Template:CASProgOfStudy
  • Activities (timings?)
  • User input section Template:CASUserInput
  • Visual and Graphical languages
  • Images and Films - Template:CASMedia
  • Vocab - definitions - Template:CASDefinition
  • Stretch material
  • Qs & As - heat rating - Matthew
  • Resources (links to outside resources)
  • who is going to write what
  • do you need any diagrams / pictures / videos
  • do you need to add delete any pages
  • what tasks / exercises / questions are needed

Further informationEdit

tinyurl.com/htc2015 (needs a password, available from the organisers of the hack the curriculum event) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oLIcZQxrD5kp0OydoTazezWB23kM2_Io_Un4dwHBZEo/edit#slide=id.g98d651b03_0_142