K-12 School Computer Networking/Methodology


This section is intended for the students enrolled in the Managing Educational Technology Resources. The list below are the expectations required of each student in terms of writing this book.

  1. Each student should write approximately 2000 words for their assigned section. Students may combine into teams, but the total still needs to be a multiple of 2000 per student. A section will in most cases be a single topic, but it may be several shorter topics. Please send the instructor a copy of your content via email.
  2. Each 2000 word section should include at least one image or diagram. As with all content, all materials must comply with Wiki Books standards.
  3. Each 2000 word section should have the below listed types of references. In all cases, the student should pick references that are relevant, authoritative, and will be likely found by readers months and years later.
    1. Two traditional references
    2. Two references to non-traditional sources, such as to Wikipedia.
    3. Two links to external sources of relevant help, such as a resource web site or blog.

While knowledge of wiki editing is not a stated objective of the assignments, it is a valuable skill to know and will enhance the presentation of the content.