K-12 School Computer Networking/Chapter 25

Table of Contents -- Chapter 25 edit

Distance Learning: Advanced Placement Case Studies -- Peter Chi

Designing a Distance Learning Seminar on Cyber-Ethics for Middle and K-12 Teachers and Administrators -- Dean J. Fusto

What is Distance Learning in a K-12 Environment? -- Lauren DeChant

Developing Faculty in the Information Age: Insights from Academia -- Ted Barco

Blogs and Wikis for K-12 Language and Literacy Development -- Daisuke Funai

Distance Learning as a Testing Tool for K-12 -- Peter Ko

Potential implications of "Edutainment," specifically game-based learning, in K-12 education-- Samuel Ahn

Creating a global classroom for the K-12 student through distance learning: An analysis of the impact of cross-boundary class membership on k-12 education -- Uzo Okolo

How can a K-12 educator create an effective distance learning environment? -- Claire Molony

Distance Learning and Change Management -- Lulu Xu

Using Distance Learning Techniques to Re-Invent k-12 Homework -- Philip Martin

Harnessing the power of YouTube for distance learning classrooms -- Marisa Panzani

The eLearning Pentad - Learning without the eBox --Deborah Elzie

Distance Learning and Inclusion --- Tabina Lyte

Distance learning in relation to cross-cultural connections-- Ajaya Williams

Distance Learning to Enhance current teaching practices in the K-12 classroom curriculum -- Sadaf Durrani

Distance Learning and Rural Education -- Yu Katsumata

Best Practice - 'Kkulmat.com', Korean Cyber Home Learning System (CHLS) -- Sejin Lee

Developing live classroom feeds: Interactive Zoo -- Kelly Stott

Case Study: Rural Hall Elementary School’s "Communications with Distance Learning" -- Nicole Fletcher

Performances of Understanding through Web 2.0 Technologies -- Cheryl Panzo

Quick Reference Music Education Websites-- Laura Smith

Distance Learning: Web 2.0, Mindtools and more

Implementing Web 2.0 and Distance Learning for K-12 Language and Literacy Development – An Overview of Some Benefits and Precautions

Project Idea - Using eReaders for DL -- Paul Acquaro

MSTU 4022 Are American k-12 ready for Mobile Learning? Observations of Mobile Learning in Japanese and American K-12 classes -- Akiko Matsumoto

Distance Learning and K-12 Feedback -- John Rogener

Using Distance Learning as a Platform for Assisting Homebound Students -- Maureen Kramanak

Virtual worlds and K-12 education --- Christina Wilson

Distance Learning and K-12 Music Education -- Catherine Corcoran

Distance Learning as a Support for Deaf Students -- Nicole Haller

'The Use of Distance Learning Environments to Support Students' Self-regulation' -- Anibal Cerda

'Using Distance learning to Support Students Career Development' -- Kyle Younger

Distance Learning and Extracurricular Activities - Christine Zaremba

Social Media tools and their role in Distance Learning - Peter Smith