Jumieka/Level 1/Lesson 2

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Immediate familyEdit

Pairents ~ ParentsEdit

Just like in English, the Jumieka language has several words for mother and father. Starting with the words for mother, we see:

  • Mumma

And sometimes:

  • Mahda

The most common word for father is:

  • Puppa

But occasionally

  • Fahda

is used.

Siblin' ~ SiblingsEdit

The words for Siblin' (siblings) are for brother:

  • Bror
  • Bredda

and for sister:

  • Sista

Pikni, Pitney ~ ChildrenEdit

In Danish, the words for son and daughter are close to English. They are søn and dauta, respectively.

The rest of the familyEdit

  • Onkle = Uncle
  • Auntie = Aunt
  • Niece = Niece
  • Nevyu = Nephew
  • Kuzn = Cousin
  • Granmahda = Grandmother
  • Granfahda = Grandfather

The Jumieka word for grandchild is granpikni.

Great-grandparents ~ Great-grandparentsEdit

  • Great-granfahda/Great-granpuppa = Great-grandfather
  • Great-granmahdah/Great-granmumma = Great-grandmother

The Danish word for great-grandchild is Great-granpikni

Great-great-grandparents ~ Great-great-grandparentsEdit

  • Great-great-granfahda/Great-great-granpuppa = Great-great-grandfather
  • Great-great-granmahdah/Great-great-granmumma = Great-great-grandmother

The Danish word for great-great-grandchild is Great-great-granpikni

  • For every generation from this point forward you add another great- to the title.