Jumieka/Level 1/Lesson 1

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Lesson 1 — Greetings


Andre: Hallo! Mi name Andre. A wey yu name?
Sofía: Hallo, Andre. Me name Sofía. ¿A ho yu pell Andre?
Andre: Yu pell A-N-D-R-E. ¿A wa a gann?
Sofía: Nuthen much. ¿wah bout yu?
Andre: mi aright tu.
Sofía: aright, lata.
Andre: lata!

Translation (wait until the end of the lesson).


What's your name?Edit

To ask someone else's name in Jumieka, use "name", then one of the phrases in the table below (Wey yu name? is "What's your name?").

In Jumieka, to say your name, you use name, (Mi name Andre is "My name is Andre").

English Jumieka
I am named Me name
You (familiar, singular) are called Yu name
He/She/You (formal, singular) is/are called 'im name
We are called Wi name
You (familiar, plural) are called Uno name
They/You (formal, plural) are called Dem name

  • Me name Chris
    My name is Chris
  • Dem name Peter an Robert
    They're called Peter and Robert.
  • Wah yu name?
    What's your name?
  • Wha im/shi name?
    What's his/her name?

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How are you?Edit

How do you spellEdit


In this lesson, you have learned

  • How to greet people (Hallo; Gooud Dah; Lata).
  • How to introduce yourself (Me name Rosa).
  • How to introduce others (shi name Rosa).
  • How to say how you are (Irie; Ahright; Gooud).
  • How to spell your name (Eh pelt P-E-T-E-R).
  • How to ask others about any of the above (Wey yu name?; A hou yu a do?; A hou yu pell?).