What to juggle with


To learn how to juggle, you will need three objects of suitable size, weight and hardness. Beanbags or hackey-sacks are optimal, but tennis balls or racquet balls and the like can fill the role in nicely. You may also wish to use mandarin oranges, rolled-up socks, newspaper balls or other similar objects instead.

Where to juggle


The place where you juggle should be bright enough to allow you to see the balls clearly. Depending on the balls used, it may also be necessary to juggle in front on a bright wall (as is often the case with hackey-sacks). The place should be well ventilated and not too hot, but a direct breeze is ill-advised as it may make it harder to throw the balls accurately. It should also be tall enough to allow you to juggle freely without hitting the ceiling.



Stand up in a comfortable position in the middle of your juggling area and begin with step one!