Judaism/God's Name

After about 70 of the C.E the Romans finally fought against the Israelis, destroyed their temple and exiled the people of the land so that they spread all over the world. These carried the Name of the almighty G-D. The Romans then forbid to call that name even unto death penalty. Therefore the rabbis also were forbidding to use that name in order to save the lives of many Jews. They developed a ceremony that they held every 7th year were the chosen rabbi taught a disciple standing over a surface of water the Holy Name making sure he heard it right. As we all know the Tetragrammaton is יהוה and as it is knowledge of those who have been taught that the vowels are Sheva, Cholam, Kamatz. That is to speak Yehova in English language.

Freely I have contributed this knowing from the Prophet [1] that the heathen will know HIS name and later in the big fight of Gog from Magog ([2]) also the Nation of Israel will come to know HIM and I am sure you will not speak HIS name in vain, because you will stand in awe as in the time of our blessed Moishe when he received the 10 commandments, which originals will be shown by the Israeli government soon.

  1. Ezekiel 36:23
  2. Ezekiel 39:7