Jeep Liberty/Suspension/Spring Isolator Lift

Spring isolators can be inserted above or below the rear coil springs to provide additional lift. Lower isolators are used as a primary means of lift, while uppers isolators are used to level a vehicle after lifting. Mopar sells factory 1/2" upper isolators. All J Products sells ARB Old Man Emu 10mm (.39") TJ poly trim packers specially boared for the Liberty. The All J Products isolators fit similarly to the factory isolators but are slightly smaller in height and diameter. Up to two of either product can be stacked above the rear springs.


Tools needed:Edit

  • Floor Jacks & Jack Stands & Blocks
  • Torque Wrench
  • Ratchet

Instructions to do a Spring Isolator Lift:Edit

1) Jack up one side of the rear, put on jack stand & remove wheel.

2) Use floor jack to raise up the axle a little so you can take out the upper shock bolt.

3) Let the jack down, and push down on the wheel hub and you should be able to pull the spring out.

4) Install rear puck per manufacturers instructions and push hub down to get the spring back in. (I stood on the hub while my son put the spring back in).

5) Use the floor jack to raise the axle up and reconnect the upper shock bolt. Torque to 80 ft-lbs.

6) Put wheel back on.

7) Repeat the other side.

Remember to recheck the torque of all the bolts after 500 miles.

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