Jeep Liberty/Suspension/Rusty's Offroad

Rusty's makes a full coil spring lift and a spacer lift for the Jeep Liberty; both are 2.5 inches:

Full Coil Spring Lift:Edit

  • Rusty's 2.5 inch coil spring lift that comes with four coils, two front performance gas struts (They are OME struts just with a rusty's sticker on them) and two rear twin-tube hydro shocks. The Rusty's coil lift comes second behind the Frankenlift.

Spacer Lift:Edit

  • Rusty's 2.5 inch OTT spacer lift that comes with four spacers and two rear shocks (optional). The front is a OTT lift and the rear is a spacer lift.

The front struts are not OME with a sticker, they are built by Monroe to Rusty's spec's, the rear shocks are a twin tube gas shock

External LinksEdit

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